Starting point

So at least two people said they’d read this blog if I set it up, so I have just spend half and hour choosing colour theme and style and here it is. If you don’t know who I am and have come here, er…hi! I have no idea how you ended up in my little nook of the internet, but please stay and try not to point and laugh too much at my efforts.

Three years or so ago, I decided I would become better at baking. I cooked two cakes, and they were considered to be ‘OK’ by several of my friends and then, in my moment of triumph, I stopped. Since the new year 2011, however, I’ve started to bake more often and try new recipes. I’m not a terribly good cook and my enthusiasm really is for cakes, pudding and desserts. I suspect that’s because I enjoy the process of baking – of making something that can be shared and enjoyed by more than just me.

So I’ve embarked on a ten-week course through Cardiff County Council and I’ll talk about what I’m doing there; I’m also going to be attempting various other recipes from time to time as well and I’ll be talking about what went wrong and what went well. I’d really like to get to a stage where I’m confident enough to be able to start looking at my own interpretations of recipes, and seeing if I can add ingredients to make interesting flavours.

I’m also interesting in using baking as a creative outlet – I’d love to be able to make cakes that not only taste good, but are a feast for the eyes as well. So expect adventures in butter icing, sugarcraft and the like.

And, most importantly, the music I’m listening to whilst I bake.


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  1. Spoondog said:

    I find baking much more enjoyable then cooking and ( to my Dads disgust) my Gran agrees with me. I think it’s because it’s a bit more arcane then cooking, which is just elaborate ways of heating stuff up.

    I’m scared of pastry. All my attempts to date have failed.

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