Baking class: week 2!

This was my second week at my evening class, and my first opportunity to make something! The format is pretty simple: we get three recipes, and can make one or two of them per session. This week, I chose a Honey and Mascarpone sponge cake, and cinnemon and current biscuits.

The sponge cake, truth be told, was pretty simple. I have been used to gradually adding ingredients but the instructor told me not to bother and I ended up whisking the various cake mix components together and tipping them into the cake tins. As I’d pre-measured my ingredients time from arrival to over was probably ten minutes or so.

The biscuits were a bit more interesting, as I’m still finding my feet with dough and pastry (basically, anything that needs rolling) so making these were a bit more of a challenge. Learnt a bit too, about gradually adding milk rather than using the entire recommended amount immediately and that when rolling dough or pastry I shouldn’t have been flipping it over as I have a couple of times.

The biggest thing about the class was the pace it was all done at – a couple of hours really isn’t a lot when you’re cooking and it was a lot more fast paced than I’m used to. Good fun though; next week I get to try and make choux pastry which will be another new experience – though that’s the real reason I’m doing this course.

Photos to follow shortly!

  1. Vic said:

    Ooh, good luck with choux pastry! It’s a long time since I was taught to do it, but I remember it being very fiddly. Sounds like a fab course!

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