Baking class week 2: The photos

So, here are photos as promised.

I had initially thought I hadn’t got a clean bake on the cake, but the honey in the mixture it seems to have settled into an individual layer and just made a heavy sponge. The sweetness in the sponge itself nicely offsets the slight bitterness in the icing. Three things I need to do:

1. Get better at grating citrus fruit, as too much of the white bits can really affect the flavour of things like icing.

2. Get better at measuring my volumes, especially when making two cakes – it’s pretty clear the top sponge is smaller than the bottom.

3. Work on my technique when it come to spreading icing – I would like it a lot neater than that.

The biscuits are part of my ongoing quest to become more used to dough / pastry, as I’m not very good in judging when the mixture is ready to roll and when to use more flour. Also, rolling things out in an even fashion is also a bit of a bugbear. Still, good enough start to the class.

And here’s the recipe!

    • Cheers Kat – I am currently in the process of figuring out how to put recipes on here as a download – I’ll let you know when I get it sorted!

    • And I think I’ve done it – link at the bottom of the post now!

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