Orange poppyseed muffins

Over the weekend I had a second bash at some orange and poppyseed muffins; when I made them originally a few months ago I used high-quality marmalade and some white poppyseeds I’d found at a local Asian food market and they turned out quite bitter. This time, proper black poppyseeds and cheap golden shred from Tesco.

Much better results – although they feel like they could do with a bit more of an pronounced orange taste, perhaps putting some peel in with ingredients would help. They’re also a tight bake, only needing 10-12 minutes and I think they needed a couple more minutes than I gave them. Still, all part of the magical learning process.

I also got to test run SECRET BAKING PROJECT ALPHA, which will be revealed next month at some point. It could be amazing, or a fiasco and is certainly the most ambitious thing I’ve attempted cake-wise.

Sunday afternoons is one of my favourite times to bake, as the Huey Morgan show is on 6Music – he tends to play a relaxed pot pourri of music; a lot of old-school motown (the weekend featured the Reverend Al Green, Gladys Knight and the Pips and Aretha Franklin) some new artists (James Blake, Lana Del Ray) and some crazy stuff I’d never hear anywhere else. Brilliant stuff from the best radio station in the UK.

  1. emily said:

    They look great, you can chop a whole orange into the mixture, sounds weird but really works to get that orangy taste you want, and its much nicer than peel.

  2. Helen said:

    You can add finely grated zest to make them more orangey, or even a bit of orange juice. Just up the flour slightly to compensate for the slightly wet mixture. You could also add a drop or two of orange essence just to deepen the flavour a bit if you don’t want to change the balance of the other ingredients.

    Also, the best tip I’ve ever been given for muffin making is to use an ice cream scoop to put the batter in the cases – much easier to get them all even, and avoids dripping mix onto the cases, which can then burn.

    That’s my twopennyworth anyway – they look lovely!

  3. Manda said:

    I have a great Woman’s weekly (Australian) cookbook which has some amazing muffin recipes in, including an almond and orange marmalade one and some others 🙂

    I really recommend them! Also if you’re collecting, I’d recommend this I think I bought it for rach 🙂

  4. El said:

    Ooh… secret baking for elevenses?

    • Yup 🙂

      Not entirely sure how it’s going to pan out (see what I did there!) but I’ve got the day before the event off to sort it out. And pack.

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