Baking class: week 3

This week I have been mostly making Lemon Drizzle Cake and Choux Pastry.

The former was pretty simple and again, well within my comfort zone. I cut down the amount of sugar in the recipe a little and the cake came out looking pretty good – no pictures though, sorry. I used one of the graters at the course centre (a local Cardiff high school) to get the rind off the lemon and it did a pretty pathetic job – as a result, the bottom of the cake a bit bland. Top half was good though.

The choux pastry was a bit of a disaster, truth be told. Evidently, it’s the sort of stuff that needs to be measured out pretty meticulously and I used too much flour and they came out too tough.

When I got them home I did the only thing appropriate, whip up some cream and dunk them. Going to try this again at some point as profiteroles / eclairs are one of my favourite cakes and I’d like to be able to do them right. This recipe also showed me I need to work with an icing bag more to get used to it, especially if I’m going to be using one to decorate cupcakes and the like. That’s next on my ‘to-buy’ list.

Next week we get to make creme patissiere. Eeep.

Oh, the book man came round with some gems at work this week – got a couple of recipe books for a fraction of their RRP.

Is it bad that I’m looking forward to making Xmas themed things?

    • The other person cooking in the same over as me had her pastries turn out fine, so it’s pretty clear it was my shoddy measuring of ingredients. So I’ve learnt that while you can be a bit haphazard with some recipes, certain others require precision. Learning is fun.

      I was going to suggest that posting you eclairs would problematic, but then I realised you would want RESULTS not EXCUSES.

    • Thanks Lyns – I’ll check those out!

      (Though I may have binged a bit too much recently on cake-based cookbooks….)

  1. El said:

    I currently have this book out from the library and it is ace:

    Need to find time to actually make some of the stuff though, asi have only tried the rice pudding so far. Too busy with event prep. So come December there will be puddings!

    There are also great cakes in Nigella’s ‘How to be a domestic goddess’.

    PS – I too love eclairs and profiterols 😉

  2. El said:

    And no – looking forward to Christmassy things is never bad!

  3. Lolli said:

    Riverford Cottage: Cakes book is brilliant! secondly recommended (is the one with “elevenses cake”) 🙂

    Rich this is looking grand! good luck with all the baking and am intrigued by elevenses surprise 😀

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