Baking Class: Week Four

I better make this good as I’m now being endorsed by the Caterporium!

This week I made these. I am pretty happy with how these turned out.

Admit it, those look delicious. A quick admission though, loyal readers: I did not grow the fruit. I also did not bake the flans. This week was all about finding out how to make creme patissiere and I can confirm it is delicious. This is really simple to make and dirt cheap compared to what you’d spend in a shop for something similar, but I must find out how to make up the flan bases properly myself. Also, evidently, good in choux pastry instead of cream.

I also made some macaroons, which were kind of rushed and they show it.

Still, they are almond-y and chewy, and I may come back to them as they were also pretty simple to make (in my shame, I forgot to take my baking tray with me and hand to wait for someone to finish with theirs, which meant the cooking was rushed).

Next week: half term, so no class. But I’ll be cooking something anyway.

Thank you for all your comments as well, it’s great to know there’s so many people out there interested in baking!

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