As noted last week, I didn’t have a class due this Wednesday due to half-term but I thought I’d press on and do some baking anyway.

I chose a couple of recipes from my new Hummingbird baking book – Ham, Pea and Feta Muffins, and Early Gray cupcakes.

I really enjoyed making both; the Ham, Pea and Feta muffins are a fun savoury alternative to what I’m normally making and the recipe gives me effectively a blank slate for combinations in making savoury muffins (you may read that as: BACON).

The Earl Gray ones were also interesting, as they use a fusion made from the teabags to flavour both the cake mixture and the icing, and it looks like a similar method could be used with all sorts of flavoured teas. The amount of icing I’ve made is huge, and I’m not entirely convinced their proportions are correct for the amount of cakes I’ve made. I also suspect after eating one you wouldn’t sleep for a week.

Big thumbs up to Helen F for the suggestion of using an ice cream scoop – that worked brilliantly for both!

I also had first go at piping – which was interest, and will be fun to get better at. I’ve added a poll to this post just for my own curiosity – do people prefer cupcakes with a lot of icing like the modern ones seem to have, or more liberally applied affairs?

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  1. El said:

    Heh – this is exactly the icing conversation we had when I ate one. I hadn’t read this before hand. Looks like I am outnumbered on liking scant enough icing to still taste the cake however!

    They were good. though i’m not sure how much they tasetd of earl grey. I reckon lapsangschoschong (or however tyou write that) could be awesome, as it tastes stronger.

    The savory ones were good… but would have been better warm I reckon.

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