Baking class: week five

We’re given three recipes to choose from to cook in class; typically, two of them are a bit complicated or time-consuming, and one is quick and simple. We’re encouraged to do the quick and simple recipe and one of the other ones – this week I chose to make upside-down pear and ginger cake, and melting moment cookies.

The upside down cake was a lot of fun to make – filling pear halves with stem ginger, covering them in syrup and then putting the cake mixture on top of it. After it’s cooled, the remaining stem ginger goes on top and so does any syrup you might have left (if you’re anything like me, that’s considerable less that you should have due to tasting ‘accidents’. Mmmm, ginger). It’s a very, very moist cake – and as you can expect, more gingery than Ralph Malph. I think it might be nicer warm, with a decent amount of custard (where my definition of decent is ‘drowning in the stuff’).

The melting moment cookies were really simple to make – a combination of castor sugar, butter, egg yolk, vanilla essence and SR flour. The dough is the pressed into crushed cornflakes, cooked for fifteen minutes and left to cool. You can use other cereals, but I got glared at when I suggested crunchy nut cornflakes. No sense of adventure, some people.

Next week I’ve got the class as usual on Wednesday – then all of Thursday’s going to be something of a bakestravaganza, so expect some sort of megapost a week Monday.

  1. El said:

    Yum. The pear one looks amazing! 😀

    • It was better warm with custard – very moist though as all the juice from the pears and the syrup come down through the cake as it cools.

  2. Abbie said:

    Thanks for sharing this, interested to see. Off to make date scones. What did you cook this week?

    • Hey Abbie – thanks for taking the time to have a look at the blog….new post up now!

  3. Vic said:

    I reckon the pear and ginger one might be _amazing_ using chocolate sponge, rather than ordinary. I might have to dig out my pineapple upside-down pudding recipe and experiment! Thanks for being inspirational.

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