Baking class: Oh, I forget which week it is now

Sorry, no pictures this time around – there will be on Monday for something I’ve been planning for ages.

This week I am both very proud of myself and a bit disappointed.

Proud, as of all of us making chocolate fudge cake I was not one of the two people who put icing sugar in instead of flour and had the cakes explode in the oven. I know schadenfreude isn’t necessary a good thing, but it did make me feel better. Mine were OK, nothing spectacular – though I need practice with buttercream to get the right constituency.

I was a bit disappointed, however, as I know I can make sponge cakes of various types – they’re not tricky and just a case of getting your timing right. One of the other recipes was apple turnovers which I’ve never made before and I should have probably done them just to get some ideas and pointers in dealing with puff pastry. The Shrewsbury biscuits were pretty good, and seem like a catch-all biscuit recipe I can add whatever I feel like to. Then again, the biscuits always feel a bit like an anticlimax to the cakes we’re making.

Next week: Lemon Meringue Pie and Shortbread. But keep watching this space for Monday 🙂

(I realise I’m building this up a bit too much, but I am pretty proud of it!)


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