As promised…..

Here’s the update on what I’d been planning for a bit and alluded to in my previous entries.

I set out to make a novelty shaped and decorated cake for this weekend – basically a map from a fantasy gameworld setting. The world in this setting is shaped like an egg, and it supposed to took something like this: –

So a nice and easy task for someone with practically no experience in sugarpaste or decoration skills. I got myself an oval cake tim from kitchens, and found a really useful website that takes a basic sponge recipe and then multiplies it for the size of tin that you have – really useful and simple to use when you think about it. So, obviously, I took one look at their ingredients, decided they were insufficient and added an extra third. I know, I’m a genius.

So the cake was a bit bigger than expected – not a problem. Whilst that was cooling, I started to decorate the cake board itself and then found I had insufficient black sugarpaste for the background so a quick trip to Lakeland and back for that (and some extra blue, as I was paranoid at that point) and eventually the board was covered, albeit in something of a piecemeal fashion.

Next was to cover the cake in butter icing and (as noted in previous posts) I really need to work on that. My first batch was too tough and didn’t spread but my second lot was ok – I then had to place the cake on the board itself and then carefully cover it in icing without getting any on the black icing. Once this was done, the blue sugarpaste (for the sea) was rolled out and put over the cake which was really heart-in-mouth time as I was praying that I’d had enough of the icing and it was sufficiently rolled out enough to cover the cake. It was.

Then the detail on top of that – I’d drawn a basic copy of the map on a piece of cardboard and cut it out, and then used them as templates for the land detail. It wasn’t as precise as I had wanted and I didn’t have the time to add detail to the icing as I’d wanted but it looked alright. Also next time the guy in the shop asks whether I want to buy a cakebox to go with the board I say yes as it took a bit of a battering in the car. Oh and finally, maybe to roll my icing out a little thinner (though there were no reported issues of people seeing through time).

So here’s how it ended up: –

  1. Lynsey said:

    A very tasty cake it was too! with lots of icing 🙂

  2. Spoondog said:

    Egg-cellent work!

    Next time more Chaos stars and deliver it to Swansea please.

  3. El said:

    I think it was a great success. 🙂

    No one in the cake and death experiment wanted to eat it because it was too pretty.

  4. El said:

    The buttercream thing – how are you making it? It’s just that I find the buttercream to be the easy bit of baking things, so I wondered what we are doing differently.

    I’ve never had a recipe for it as such – just my mum showing me how to do it when I was a kid (me and my brother liked buttercream better than the cake when we were little, so on birthdays we were allowed birthday cake and a bowl of buttercream for everyone to share. Which nowadays doesn’t appeal to me, but at the time was very exciting). Anyway – basically the way I was taught it is softened butter/marg and icing sugar and a tiny bit of milk to make it possible to stir them together. And then adding more milk or icing sugar until it feel the right kind of consistency…

    • It’s probably because I’m still a slave to the recipe and I’m still getting my confidence to just add more milk / icing sugar etc to get the constituency. I’m kind of getting the idea of what sort of drop a sponge should have, so I guess it’s just getting enough practice.

      Which means more cake, oh no 🙂

  5. Buttercream icing is supposed to have milt in it? I think I may have been doing it wrong.

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