Cooking Class: Week 8

Not a particularly exciting week, I’m afraid – and no photos. I expect this to be the least read update ever (or at least in the dozen or so posts I’ve made so far).

First up this week was cheesecake; this was nice enough, but making stuff like cheesecake always strikes me more as assembly rather than baking. The recipe put demerara sugar in the base which I wasn’t a particular fan of, but the topping was made of a combination of cream cheese / greek yoghurt / double cream which wasn’t too sweet. Some fresh raspberries gave it that little bit of extra flavour and added some moisture to the cake.

Recipe number two were peanut butter cookies – as opposed to other weeks where the biscuits had been an afterthought as I was going through a more complicated, time-consuming recipe first, making the cheesecake didn’t take long at all so I had the chance to give them a bit more attention. With biscuits, I need to get my portion control down as I’m putting too much mixture for one cooking on the baking tray which (in this case) led them being almost like small scones. Again, I might look at using something like an ice-cream scoop so I can get them nice and thin.

No class this week due to industrial action – so I guess I’ll make something up on Tuesday night. Perhaps something Christmassy!

  1. Helen said:

    I’m trying to resist making stollen at the moment – I’m not brilliant with yeast based things, but I do love marzipan… Sadly I’m on leave on the day of the baking competition at work, so don’t even have that as an excuse.

    • That looks awesome Meg, thank you – I’ll give that a go on Friday.

      • El said:

        Yay! Does that mean we get gingerbread on Saturday? 😛

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