Cooking Class – Week 9

I’m sorry, I’ve been a little slack!

The previous weeks’ cooking class was cancelled due to industrial action, but our lovely tutor has given us an extra week so we can finish the course meaning this was the penultimate week, not the final one.

In between, I attempted to cook Meg’s recommended ginger cake (see the week 8 entry); and when I say ‘attempted’ I mean ‘Rich thinks he knows better that the recipe’. Once I’d mixed the ingredients together I started to add the water it was getting quite runny – far more so than usual sponge cakes – so I ended up using about half of the recommended amount. This was probably a mistake. My other mistake was leaving it in the oven a bit long, which resulted in it being burnt on top. I’m not sure the oven itself was helping, as there seems to be a lot of detritus built-up in it which is smoking heavily every time it’s used.

So I’ve cleaned the oven this morning and the word you’re looking for is MINGING.

At class I cooked a different ginger cake and this turned out a lot better, although it was a little dry. I got to use techniques I’ve not used before (dissolving the bicarbonate of soda in hot milk before adding it to the mixture) and it’s pretty yummy once covered in custard – but then again, that’s the rule for most desserts. I also made scones, which again I’ve not made before and were a lot simpler that I thought but I need to keep a better eye on my timing as they can burn pretty quickly.

Next week I’m making a Millefeuille slice, which should be challenging, and then I’m done with the course – which is a shame, but I will keep on blogging about what I’m making as it’s a rewarding (and somewhat cathartic!) hobby. Today I’m off to Chapter to see some other baking enthusiasts’ work and listen to the two Music Geek albums of the month – can’t argue with that for a brilliant afternoon!

  1. Oh noes, gingerbread 😦 I’ll dig out my favourite recipe from the eminently classy 1970s Tate and Lyle cookbook and give it to you to try 🙂
    Good luck with millefuille, I made one a little while ago and it tasted awesome but looked like something I had stepped on. That is generally my problem with cakes though, they all come out a bit ‘splat.’

    • It was pretty much my fault – I decided I knew better than the recipe, so I’ll give it another go over the Xmas period. Would love to see the 70s one though….Dug gave me a recipe book once from the 70s which included detailed recipes for such tricky customers as ‘the full English breakfast’ but I suspect yours might be more interesting.

  2. I finally got the book down and had a look through, it contains awesomely childish gems like sugar mice and peppermint ice, along with old-style lardy cake and brown bread pudding and (disturbingly) something called ‘potent prunes’… And lots of things in jelly and apple beer. Weird combination but I love it.
    Also omg I found it on Amazon and it is worth clicking the link to see the picture

    The recipe for the gingerbread goes as follows – hilariously containing no ginger. I always add in 2tsp of that along with the cinnamon, assuming it is a misprint or something, as it does say ‘spiceS’ later on.
    275g plain flour
    2tsp cinnamon
    1tsp bicarbonate of soda
    100g margarine
    100g light brown soft sugar
    2 eggs (beaten)
    150ml hot water
    150g black treacle
    150g golden syrup

    Sieve the flour, spices and soda together. Melt the margarine, syrup, treacle and sugar together. Pour into the dry ingredients. Add the well-beaten eggs and the hot water. Mix well and pour into a greased and lined 25cm (10in) square tin. Bake at 180c/350f/gas mark 4 for 40-45 minutes.

    I will now probably make this tomorrow.

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