Mince pies and New Year awesomeness!

I made a giant mince pie thing using pre-packaged pastry and mincemeat. It’s good – and much nicer that pre-bought pies – and so simple to make. It also gives you third degree mincemeat burns if you decide I MUST CONSUME YOU IMMEDIATELY!

As mentioned, my course comes to an end tomorrow. Boo. But in the New Year, I have something new to bake towards. Hooray! Organised by the good people from http://iwanttobakefree.blogspot.com/, Cardiff is getting it’s own branch of the Clandestine Cake Club and I’ve got an invite to the first event. It’s going to be fun meeting loads of bakers from around the Cardiff area and getting ideas and tips on techniques – I can’t wait! The theme for the first event is ‘Cake Without The Sin’, so I shall get my thinking head on (translation: search Google) for a suitable cake.

  1. Something without the raiSIN?

    Hmm… that’s rubbish – i’ll think of something better!


  2. I have a whole book about cakes made with vegetables, that is actually very good. It is called Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache.

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