New Year, Same Old

So yes, as posted in my last missive I am totally going to keep up to date with this blog and post every week. Weeks are 21-days long, yeah?

Sorry, I will endeavour to be better.

Last Thursday saw the inaugural meeting of the Cardiff branch of the Clandestine Cake Club (that’s a lot of ‘c’s). Our theme for the meeting was cake without (or with as little) sin as possible, it being new year and all. The only problem with that was it meant finding something wholesome and impressive was a little tricky – and whilst it’s really not a competition, I don’t think anyone wanted to feel inadequate in the cake making stakes.

I decided on a zesty, olive-oil based sponge – lots of lemon and orange really gave it a fruity, citrus nose when cut. It looked a little boring so I looked at various fillings to jazz it up. My initial try was a low-fat cream cheese and mandarin icing but as the cake was fairly heavy already that was a little too much. Cake #2 took the form of an experimental platform, with my willing volunteers having small pieces of the same cake smeared with a topping and asked for their opinion. In the end, a basic redcurrant jelly was the winner, as it’s little sourness took some of the sharpness off the cake. I was going to make a cranberry and lime marmalade, but as no-where sells fresh cranberries post Chrimbo I stuck with the jelly and added fresh raspberries.

The evening itself was a lot of fun – I think everyone was initially wary of revealing their creations but there were some truly talented bakers there. Was very glad I didn’t have dinner that day (though I’m not entirely sure of the nutritional value of half a ton of cake) and more cake was taken home. The biggest thing for me was I didn’t feel out of place – several people complemented me on the cake which is another little boost in confidence.

Here’s some photos of some of the cakes!

I’ve signed up for the next round, and the theme is our show-stopper cake. This should be fun.

  1. Have you decided what you’re going to bake yet? I’m suffering from over-inspiration! So many things I want to try, but it would be disastrous I think not to pare them down to something simple but effective.

    • I think I’m going to make a chocolate and fresh cream roulade, which while not as visually amazing as some cakes is delicious. Maybe with some raspberries in – I am aware I used them last month, but I do love them so.

      • Sounds delicious, and very impressive technically when they work well.

        I wasn’t entirely happy with the white chocolate lime drizzle cake I trialled last week. It was tasty, but just didn’t quite have the impact I was hoping for, so am going to have a try at a neapolitan flavoured layer cake as my farewell to work cake. Will see how that goes.

  2. El said:

    I’m rather jealous of the CCC. May have to start one in Malmesbury…

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