Christmas clear-out

I had a load of mincemeat left over from Xmas – I had intended to make loads of mince pies but time (not excessive partying) was against me. One of my recipe books had a fruit cake that uses a lot of it, along with more sultanas, raisins and grated apple so I gave that a whirl. It’s my first bash at a fruit cake that takes about two and a half to three house, and it seemed like good prep for next Xmas when I intend to make a proper, fed and iced Christmas cake.

This cake is sturdy. I think I overdid it a little – probably about fifteen minutes or so – and the edges are a little well done (but not burnt). Inside is nicely moist though and you can still taste the mincemeat in it.

I’m preparing for the next installment of the Clandestine Cake Club by doing a trial run of my Mum’s (well, Family Circle’s) chocolate roulade. First effort is out of the oven and is now cooling – tomorrow I’ll try rolling it up, which is the fun bit!

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  1. Rachel Thomas said:

    It was pretty yummy

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