I managed a trial run of my showstopper cake for the Clandestine Cake Club last week; I’m using an old Family Circle recipe for a Chocolate Yule Log (so I’m either really late or really early!) and whilst it’s probably not as exciting as some of the creations that will be unleashed at the event it’s a very tasty cake. There’s no flour in it (so good for those with gluten allergies) and the sponge is really light and airy which means it’s not too heavy with the litres of cream that goes with it.

This was my first go at a roulade-style cake and it went ok – following instruction from Mum I rolled it up in tinfoil but my main problem with that was after the first turn I couldn’t see what I was doing. I think for the next run I’ll try using baking parchment for its transparency and keep a teatowel underneath to stop it slipping. I think I need to end the roll with the fold on the bottom.

Then there’s the case of an additional filling – as nice as the cream is on its own it’s not spectacular. I’ve had the following suggestions: –

1. Cherries soaked in kirsche; it’s quite similar in taste to Black Forest Gateaux so adding these would reinforce that.

2. Raspberries, as there’s never a time that chocolate and cream can’t be enhanced by raspberries.

3. Vodka, so I can claim it’s Russian Roulade. This is the most sensible suggestion, though I used raspberries last time around.

So any other suggestions gratefully received, and I’ll try them out on my subject group next Monday. I’m slightly aggrieved that both the next CCC meeting and Music Geek are on the same night and I’m going to have to rush from one to another but I guess that’s the price for being busy.

  1. Charley D said:

    I find the teatowel underneath is really handy, as is being confident with your rolling, stopping halfway can be a bit splat-tastic! I don’t roll with anything other than the tea twoel itself. My favourite version is black cherry pie filling and fresh cream, although I once made a version with cold custard (the proper stuff made with cream,eggs and a vanilla pod)and stewed rhubarb with vanilla sponge that was absolutely epic. If you want to add vodka for comedy purposes, you could use a fruit flavoured vodka with your cherries/raspberries?

    If you want to cheat, invest in a sillicone baking tray. I’m thinking of getting one as I have a lot of sillicone tins now and they’re amazing, and I can’t help but think that swiss rolls and roulades would be so much easier with them.

  2. Rachel Thomas said:

    Fruit flavoured vodka is a great idea

  3. El said:

    Vodka in the cream sounds like a great idea.
    Contrieau (sp?) could be amazing too… although you loose the Russian Roulade name!

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