Cardiff Clandestine Cake Club – Meeting 2!

Thursday was the second meeting of the Cardiff branch of the Clandestine Cake Club; as mentioned a couple of posts ago I’d set my heart on making a roulade and, after a few trial runs, settled on a simple cream and raspberry filling. If I’d had more time I’d liked to have approached the Russian Roulade concept (vodka with the cream, and then a variety of fillings perhaps like those you get in a packet of Revells) but didn’t really give it enough thought. Thank you all for your suggestions, and to my tasters at home who get fed a variety of possible fillings!

The effort everyone had made for their cakes was staggering; it was lovely being in a room with so many friendly and incredibly talented people – have a gander at the spectacular creations below! It’s inspiring me to be better and more adventurous with my baking.

I had a dinner of cake – brilliant 🙂

Leftovers were put into tupperware which got taken to Music Geek for demolition!

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  1. Definitely agree on the huge level of talent that was on show – there were some really fabulous cakes there. Looking forward to finding out what the next theme will be.

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