Wednesday baking: Muffin Onslaught Continues….

More muffins this Wednesday – this time Mango and White Chocolate. They were ok, though if I was to point to a problem both the main constituents of the cakes aren’t the most exciting of flavours and I thought they were a bit bland. I much preferred the fruity sharpness of the blueberry ones I made the previous week – though I expect is one of those great things about recipe books, you get to try them and see which ones are keepers!

I can recommend John Barrowman’s banana loaf (the recipe for which can be found on the BBC website here) – it was lovely and moist. Oh, and through the power of crumble I’ve rediscovered the awesomeness of rhubarb and I’ve been looking at some more recipes to use it in.

I think that’s enough of cupcakes for a couple of weeks and I think (after Clandestine Cake Club) I can face making something with chocolate in again. I’ve also found that Lakeland and Kitchens (a shop local to Cardiff) are now my major source of temptation when out shopping in the city centre rather than record shops or clothes, which is both kind of odd and kind of cool at the same time.

  1. Kitchens is my nemesis (and the ungrammatical nature of that sentence kills me). They have such an amazing range of, well, just about everything. I can lose hours in there.

  2. Vic said:

    Kitchens is awesome (there are branches in Bristol and Bath as well). It’s my go-to shop for obscure cooking paraphernalia – I’m glad I’m far from temptation!

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