Wednesday Baking: Marshmallow Caramel Bars (aka Diabetic apocalypse)

I took in a cookbook to work this week, as a lot of my creations end up there because I know they’ll get eaten and if I just keep it around the house I’d be the size of a blimp in no time. The book got passed around (with the disclaimer of whatever gets baked has to come in by bike) and a favourite seemed to be marshmallow butterscotch bars. And here’s how they turned out.

This was great fun to cook and took me totally outside of my comfort zone. I got to make the butterscotch from scratch, first by boiling caster and soft brown sugar, golden syrup and water together and let it boil for about fifteen minutes. This time period was mostly spent by me and Rachel staring at it.

“Is it ready now?”
“Dunno. It says I should drop a bit of it in water”
“Should it do that?”

When it was deemed ready, butter, double cream, vanilla essence and peanut butter was added. I then poured it over a layer of marshmallows which sat on a pastry base (partly made with icing sugar) so yes, it was kind of sweet and there were reports of people being able to see through time. I cut the bars much smaller than the recipe recommended, so heavens only knows what sort of heart trauma would have occurred with the recommended dosage.


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