It’s Sports Relief this weekend – so to raise money, I organised a bake sale in work which happily coincided with my regular Wednesday evening cooking. Again dipping into the Hummingbird cake book I picked out some Raspberry Trifle cupcakes.

These started with normal, vanilla sponge cupcakes; then, the middles were hollowed out (much as you’d do with a fairy cake) and a fresh raspberry and some jam filling the middle. The lid gets put back on, then a thick custard topping goes on top. It’s kind of like creme patissiere but there’s no custard powder involved. A mix of milk, cornflour, plain flour, vanilla essence and sugar is combined to make a custard and then it’s mixed with fresh cream when cooled, and the piped on top. I had a lot of fun making this, and the cakes themselves were very popular.

I’ve got a plan to attempt something similar but with a single, large cake when there’s an appropriate occasion; and if there’s something making this cake and last week’s effort showed me it’s that I need to keep pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to get any better.

  1. Thank you for my cupcake – a very good bake! Good piping skills and great flavour in the cake. Possibly could have done with a little more vanilla in the creme patisserie, but overall delicious. They look stunning as well.

  2. Rachel Thomas said:

    I loved finding the surprise raspberry in there.

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