Wednesday Baking: Stop Hitting Ganache!

Another first this Wednesday – making a cake covered in ganache. I’d seen it on the Celebrity version of the Great British Bake-Off and it looked a lot of fun to make, so I discovered this recipe on the Clandestine Cake Club website. The cakes themselves were again another new method of making a sponge – no butter, and the eggs separated, whisked and then folded back together. The results were really interesting and so very light, but the elderflower flavour didn’t really come through at all. I might try these again with a more strong flavour.

I’ve been told that white chocolate is the hardest type to turn into a ganache as it’s not really a proper type of chocolate anyway but it seemed relatively easy to make. Applying it was kind of like working really thick melted cheese and I was woefully under-prepared for manipulating it around the sides of the cake. I need to get myself a palette knife so I can have a go at working it with a bit more precision – also consider putting an initial coating around the edges and leaving it chill for a bit so it sticks a bit easier.

It set well enough which caused another problem – the tin I put it in was a little too small which meant as the ganache hardened overnight it stuck to the top; when I tried to prise it off, it pulled the top of the cake off. Whoops. All in all – fairly decent flavour, presentation needs work.

Next: something for Easter!


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