Easter….regular Wednesday…ok, I’ve been slack

A veritable smorgasbord of baking to catch up on!

I was somewhat strapped for time for my usual Wednesday baking slot so I made some mini Victoria Sponges, mostly to try and practice improving the presentation of what I make. I used the recipe for the cupcakes from here, and found both the mixture a little dry – there was no drop, so I added a little bit of milk – and there was insufficient batter to make twelve cakes (I just had enough for ten). If I made these again, I might just double the ingredients.

The idea for the decoration was simple enough – cut a piece of sponge out of the middle, fill it with jam and piped fresh cream, replace the sponge and drizzle with icing sugar. On all the cakes, the diameter of the the removed piece of sponge was too small and I should have been bolder with my cutting.

All were consumed, so no bad thing.

I also had a go a couple of new things over the Easter period; firstly was making my own ice cream! A lot of effort in beating together yolks and castor sugar (10 mins by hand over heat, 20 by beaters until cooled) and then the recipe failed me; it listed single cream, which I should beat until soft peaks formed but becuase it doesn’t have a high enough fat content single cream will not do this (believe me, I tried). So in the end I sort of gave up, mixed the single cream with the egg and sugar batter and added the bits of turkish delight which promptly fell to the bottom. To add one final mistake, the rose water didn’t get swirled through enough so was very strong in some places and barely present in others.

It’s a good recipe and I think I’ll try it again in the future but maybe attempt some basic vanilla before getting more ambitious. I searched for the same recipe online and all the other copies I could find listed fresh cream instead of single cream. Weird.

Finally, I went into Wally’s Deli and picked up a bar of spotted-dick flavoured chocolate. I loved steamed puddings, but this chocolate did not taste anything like the real deal. So I attempted my own, from the recipe on the BBC website here (and, as an aside, I’m pretty sure the puddings of my youth never had lemon peel in them). I’ve never made this kind of pudding before so it was a bit hit and miss, and I found that the hour given for cooking wasn’t enough and I left it in for another forty minutes or so which kind of overdid it.

So again, something else to come back to and practice on!

Baking will occur this weekend, as my wednesday is taken up with going to a gig.

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  1. ittimin said:

    Wow, lots of baking. You have inspired me to get some more done this week. I’m going to try that cake with no flour I think…

    Shame the icecream didn’t work. I’ve had that problem with single cream before too, when I experimented with making icing using icing sugar and cream, which I was then going to whip… it never whipped. : (

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