Cardiff Clandestine Cake Club – Meeting Three!

It was the third installment of the Cardiff branch of the Clandestine Cake Club this week; previous meetings have had a theme, but this time the challenge revolved around seven delicious ingredients we had to incorporate into our cakes: –

– Non-white flour
– Non-white sugar
– Lemon
– Honey
– A spice of some sort
– Vanilla
– Some berries

After an initial glance around some websites or blogs (and pestering my Mum!), I managed to find some recipes that had five to six of the ingredients but nothing that had all seven. I’ve always cooked directly from recipes so the idea that I was going to have to improvise was quite exciting and intimidating at the same time. I settled on this idea here, and added blackberries to the cake mix along with a dash of lemon juice – I love blackberry and apple together, it’s so deliciously sharp – and then added a light layer of vanilla frosting.

The result is something that is almost akin to bread and butter pudding, and I suspect it might be something that’s also amazing served hot with ice cream instead of icing it. It’s definitely going in my book of recipes to keep!

The event itself was served up at the amazing new Pettigrew Tea Rooms, which sits in the gatehouse of Cardiff’s Bute Park so we were not only treated to each other’s fabulous creations, we also got lovely tea in a beautiful setting! Again, I’m constantly amazed by the thought and effort all the attendees put into their creations (cous cous instead of flour? That wouldn’t have occurred to me at all) and the ingredients that were used and I’m enthused for the next project to be unveiled.


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