Irregular update: recent baking

Not been baking a massive amount recently, but here’s some of the things I’ve made recently.

Firstly, a chocolate mousse cake, taken from the BBC website here. It’s really soft and moist, and was interesting to make – putting the cake in a double-lined tray and then into a bigger baking tray with about half an inch of water in before putting it in the oven. Served up really well with fresh cream and raspberries (yes, I am a fan of these things).

My one grip is with how recipes leave you guessing; “cook in a 9″ tin”. Oh really? A round tin? A tray? If you’re not putting a pic next to it, leave us a clue, yeah?

Secondly, some pistachio and rosewater cupcakes from here. Very light, might have put too much rosewater in the cake mix as its a bit strong, but pretty good.

1 comment
  1. ittimin said:

    Ooh, the chocolate one looks amazing. I didn’t think there was too much rosewater in the cupcakes at all, I though they were pretty perfect. Yum. : )

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