Clandestine Cake Club: There’s No Place Like Home

No, this wasn’t a Wizard of Oz themed event. Sorry.

The rules for this event were quite broad:

“This month, we are taking a trip back in time or in geography to discover everyone’s favourite home recipe. The cake your nan used to bake every Christmas and you would dream about as a kid. Or the cake who’s recipe made your aunt a family celebrity. Or one which uses ingredients from your back garden.

Let us be kids again and indulge in home comforts, whilst ensuring that your treasured family recipes live on!”

I’d already used of my favourite recipe that reminds me of my home in the second meeting (my Mum’s chocolate roulade) so I chose a Scandinavian Apple Cake. When I used to come home from University this was one of the first things I’d ask for, and was also was one of the first cakes I baked when I started taking it up as a hobby. It’s an incredibly moist cake – three layers of crumbled madeira cake mixed with lemon juice, lemon rind and melted butter and inbetween them two layers of stewed apple with sultanas and cinnamon. You can dust it with icing sugar, but I much prefer it without (to be honest I’d prefer it with fresh double cream, but that’s true for most things).

The recipe is here, if you’re interested.

Some beautiful summer weather had arrived finally in Cardiff and the event was held, picnic-style, in the grounds of Bute Park. There was another lovely spread of cake and everyone seems to have discovered best tactics for these events – no dinner, small slices and you stand a chance of getting around a lot, if not all, of everyone’s bakes.

The full spread of cakey deliciousness (mine’s the one in the top-right corner, if you’re looking). It was also nice to talk with someone else there about blogging – I think what I need to do is give this site an overhaul as it’s been something I’ve managed to actually keep up with and check out both the Cardiff food blog network and see about getting to some social media meet-ups.

Hover on the pics for a description of what the cakes were.

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  1. I’m impressed with all those cakes and love the ground covering as well.

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