Red Wine and Chocolate Cake

One of the brilliant thing about baking is the sheer amount of blogs out there – if you want to find an unusual recipe or advice on using an out-of-the-ordinary ingredient then chances are you can find it. This weekend was a friend’s birthday and as a enthusiastic drinker of red wine, I wanted to find a cake with that as an integral part in it. I settled for Smitten Kitchen‘s recipe for a Chocolate and Red Wine Cake.

My trial bake used an 8″ tin and it took a bit took long to cook and was a little dry – by moving it to a 9″ tin the actual cake was incredibly moist, almost like a brownie and you could taste the red wine in the bake. I am also reliably informed that it was improved with cream (as I didn’t make the topping listed).

Make sure you have a gander at the amazing candles – direct from Japan!

  1. I love Smitten Kitchen’s blog – she makes such interesting and beautiful looking food. I’ve bookmarked, and not quite got around to making, many many things of hers.

  2. Vic said:

    Have you discovered Bravetart? I only found it a couple of days ago, and am mega-excited to try out some of her stuff. The photography that accompanies the blog is fab as well.

    • I hadn’t, but it looks really interesting. And now I want a revolving cakestand :

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