Meringue Roulade

I’m not sure at what point it becomes blogomancy, but I’ve certainly been neglectful. I’ve been through a period where I’ve not made an awful lot but with the Great British Bake-Off back on the telly I’ve been bitten by the bug again.

This week saw my first encounter with meringue – I’ve always quite fancied making a roulade of sorts so, after some trawling blogs via google, I made the decision to use Mary Berry’s receipe for an strawberry and fresh cream roulade.

Making the meringue is simple enough (although I found again that I am not particularly ambidextrous, using my right hand to spoon in the sugar whilst my left is whisking egg whites was nearly disastrous) although it seems to much for the tray size I was using (which, for once, matched the recipe). The meringue itself balloons up in the oven and manages to lose half the almonds once I flip it over to cool. After that, rolling became more of a fold than anything else. I don’t think it would win any prizes for ascetic beauty.

Still, it passed the primary test (no-one died eating it) and the meringue had an almost marshmallow-like texture to it – all gooey rather than crunchy or chewy – and you can’t really go wrong with strawberries and fresh cream but I do need to get more practice rolling roulades. I’m putting pavlova and baked alaska back on the list of things to make in the near future.

  1. Ruth said:

    I’m sure it was lovely!! DIdn’t you make a roulade in Feb for Cake Club?
    I’ve also been watching the British Bake Off, and loving it!

    • Yes, I did – I enjoy making roulades, there’s an definite sense of boom-or-bust with them when you start rolling them up.

  2. Vic said:

    Do you use an electric hand whisk, and which handed are you? I am mostly right handed for cooking (I have some weird ambidextrous thing going on, where I’m not actually ambi, but differently handed for different tasks, which is stupidly confusing), and I use the electric whisk in my right hand, then measure the sugar in a receptacle with some sort of spout (a plastic measuring jug is quite good), then very slowly pour with my left hand. This resolves the need for making spooning motions. If I don’t have a jug-like thing around, I actually stop whisking when I add the next lot of sugar, which has never had any ill-effect on my meringue. Worth noting, if you use a recipe that requires it, that Cream of Tartar is half price in Sainsbury’s this week.

    • I am left handed, unless I’m playing golf or cricket when I somehow become right handed which might explain why I’m terrible at both sports. I’d normally put the mixer in my left, so I’ll try switching them next time I try a meringue.

  3. Vic said:

    Ha – golf and cricket are what I’m mostly left-handed for (and lacrosse – basically, stick/bat sports. I’m right handed for racquet sports). Let me know how you get on!

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