Xmas 2012!

When was my last post?

Oh dear.

I’d like to claim quality over quantity, but….you know. Anyway, Christmas is here, and I’m making festive stuff. First off: progress on the Christmas Cake.


As you can see, it’s been marzipanned (shut up spellchecker, that definitely is a word). I had too much marzipan and had to consume the leftovers. This was a most arduous task. I’m giving it a few days, and then I’ll get a chance to try my hand at Royal Icing, which is probably a recipe for disaster as my icing skills are pretty terrible. Photos of the end product will be laid bare on this blog very shortly for you to gaze at in slack-jawed amazement.

I also have made: Christmas cupcakes! These, take from the recipe here but, as they were going into work, didn’t have the brandy in. Probably a mistake. Also would have generally been better as a pudding, with custard or some sort of brandy cream sauce as they had a bit of a spotted dick feel to them.


(If you just sniggered at the last part of that sentence, congratulations. You are twelve years old and/or a bloke).

Next up: Egg nog! Hot chocolate! Cookies!


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