vCake Club

Yes, this is me semi-live blogging my first try at Clandestine Cake Club’s virtual meet-up!

I’ll update this as I go along as simultaneously attempting to make cake and complain about stuff on the internet might be a bit tricky. I have my mandated cup of tea, and will be ably assisted by my guest today, Giac. Thankfully my cake is not tuna and/or ham based, so he’ll probably be ok with keeping his face out of the ingredients.



Today I’m making a gin and tonic cake – recipe here. My first two reactions to the recipe are (a) not made in a cake tin? That’s a bit weird…..and (b) URGH, CUPS AS A MEASURING DEVICE. My life would be a whole lot easier if everything was in grams.

The initial cake was fairly basic to make and has gone in the oven – once it’s out and needs glazing I’ll update again!


Cake is out, and initial glaze is on! Hm, perhaps I should have thought about how to get it out of the tray once baked – maybe a layer of baking paper underneath it would have been smart. Oh well – if nothing else works I’ll have to cut it out, slice by slice. Waiting for it to cool now before putting the final icing on the top.



And here’s the finished product, with the icing on top. Still not out of it’s tray though – it’s going to need to be cut out which will have to wait until Monday as it’s for someone’s birthday.

2013-07-27 18.49.04


Final verdict: a moderate success. I think the vanilla essence in the icing is a little over-powering; I’m going to remake the cake with lemon or lime in the icing instead, to give it that proper zesty taste.

2013-07-30 21.55.26

  1. Hi Rich, I too took part in the VCake event. I love the sound of gin and tonic cake as I love gin and tonics and also cake! Did the icing have gin in it too? Hope it went down well for the birthday! :0)

  2. Hi Sam!

    Thanks for taking the time to come and look; yes, pretty much all of it had gin in it – some in the cake, then a bit in the glaze and then some more in the icing but it doesn’t taste like a very boozy cake.

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