Clandestine Cake Club: October 2013

Cardiff’s branch of the Clandestine Cake Club has been reborn! Meeting for the first time in a while at Coffee Da on a Monday night we were challenged to make something from our childhood and so I called my Mother.

“What did I like when I was younger?”
“Nothing, you were an awkward so-and-so”.


The recipe also needed to be pretty simple and not too time-consuming as the day of making was also the Cardiff Half-Marathon and the chance of an unrisen cake or failed ganache would probably just finish me off. So I settled on a raspberry bakewell sponge from the BBC website here – one practice run for my works’ Macmillan Coffee Morning made me modify the recipe. Firstly, I don’t find all-in-one mixes do a cake justice so went the more traditional route of butter and sugar, then eggs, then flour and the remaining dry ingredients. Secondly, the mixture was far, far too solid – for my practice run I added milk but for the CCC night I added amaretto until it reached a suitable consistency.

The end result was a bit crumbly, but ok – main thing was it tasted suitably Bakewell-y.

The other challenge facing me was transporting the thing – I commute by cycle, which means everything gets shoved in a backpack which is fine if you’re taking about work clothes but keeping a cake pristine is an altogether different challenge. Even in a box, carefully placed at the bottom of the bag and covered with buffering layers it was a nerve-wracking journey over the city’s occasionally uneven roads – if it was something delicate or I’d spent time decorating it either a taxi or walking would be a better option.

And without delay, onto what you’re actually after – pictures!

2013-10-07 18.42.47

2013-10-07 18.43.04

2013-10-07 18.43.14

2013-10-07 18.44.03

2013-10-07 18.44.48


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